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THE INVINCIBLE GIRLS CLUB - A chapter book series:

Home Sweet Forever Home (Available now!)

Art With Heart (Available now!)

Back to Nature (Coming November 2021)

Quilting a Legacy (Coming Spring 2022)

Recess All Stars (Coming Fall 2022)


The Invincible Girls Club series is a rallying cry to young girls everywhere to step up and be the invincible girls they were born to be.  


Third graders Ruby, Lauren, Myka, and Emelyn create The Invincible Girls Club to prove to readers that you can make a difference at any age and make the world a better place.  Yay to girl power!


Each book presents a problem the girls set out to solve.  They may face obstacles and roadblocks, but using creativity, teamwork, the supportive community of family and friends around them, they always prove that girls can be invincible!  


Each book will focus on a specific topic such as animal shelters, environment, bullying, or activism Each chapter starts with a short biography of an invincible girl past or present who has made a difference in our world for inspiration.  The book ends with a list of ideas of things that readers can do to be invincible girls themselves.



  Book One: Home Sweet Forever Home


Lauren and her three BFFs find creative ways to help shelter dogs get adopted in this first installment of the relatable and empowering The Invincible Girls Club chapter book series—featuring backmatter with profiles on real-life animal activists!

Lauren is a huge dog lover and is over-the-moon excited when she gets to go to the local shelter to read to the dogs. While there, she learns that the older dogs are often not adopted, so she and her friends set out to find them homes.

Together, Lauren, Ruby, Myka, and Emelyn create a brilliant event, where attendees can eat delicious cupcakes while meeting adoptable dogs. But on the big day, it seems like everything goes upside down. Can the girls save the event and make sure their four-legged friends get a chance at their fur-ever homes?

Art with Heart final (1).jpg

Book Two: Art With Heart

Emelyn and her three BFFs spread positive messages to fight back against bullying in this second installment of the relatable and empowering The Invincible Girls Club chapter book series—featuring backmatter with profiles on real-life anti-bullying activists!

Someone is writing mean messages about Emelyn and other kids in her grade on pieces of paper and sticking them to lockers and bathroom walls. When Emelyn discovers a classmate hiding in the bathroom crying about the mean words written about her, Emelyn brings this problem to The Invincible Girls. Together, they decide to fight the negativity with positivity!

Emelyn, Laura, Ruby, and Myka spread words of kindness and cheerful images all over the place to cancel out the negative ones. But they keep running into speed bumps along the way—and Emelyn isn’t sure she’s the right person to lead the charge. Can the girls help stop the bullying in their school? And can Emelyn ultimately find her own voice?

Book Three: Back to Nature

Ruby’s life turns upside-down when her parents give her some big news: she’s going to be a big sister! She is a little worried about the new arrival, so her dad takes her and the rest of the Invincible Girls camping for the weekend, where she plans to become one with nature, bond with her friends and Dad, and get away from technology for the weekend.

However, she finds that things are not as easy as they seem. She forgets a key item to bring, her friends don’t seem as excited as she is...and she kind of forgot about the bears who like to visit the camp sites! Ruby wonders if maybe it isn’t about leaving everything behind for an escape into nature but finding the perfect balance.

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